Your Crazy Aunt

You have one.  You know you do.  That crazy aunt or grandma or second cousin who makes silly things and gives them to you for [insert obligatory celebration here].  Remember A Christmas Story? That’s me! (The aunt not the kid). What no one ever seems to recognize when cringing or giggling over their bunny suit is just how much fun Aunt Clara had making the damn thing.  When I give someone something I made it’s really not appreciation I’m looking for.  I do hope that people will like the things I make but really, lets face it, I’m going to keep making this shit and giving it away weather you like it or not.  Years ago, I made a silly green hat for my brother-in-law who was about 16 or so at the time.  The best part of giving him that hat was seeing the look on his face when he came into my house clearly having been forced to wear it.  Ha Ha Ha! So suck it up you long suffering goofy gift getters, Aunt Angie isn’t quitting.


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