Rule #1

When I was in my early 20’s my room mates somewhat older girlfriend yelled at us for running our house like “a couple of kids on spring break.”  I’m not exactly sure what her problem was,  we both had jobs, our rent was paid and there was no mold in the refrigerator. I was annoyed and insulted at the time but I accepted her criticism and moved on without comment.  It’s weird, those sorts of memories just sort of pop into my brain now and then. This morning I woke up and there she was, the supercilious girlfriend and her super silly annoyance that a couple of 22 year old’s weren’t being grown up enough for her taste.  Later while the pancakes were burning because I was trying to do the dishes and get some tea into my brain at the same time I thought of her again and my newly caffeinated mind started screaming “SO FUCKING WHAT LADY?”

Shall we take a moment to be amazed at my capacity for getting pissed off at people I haven’t seen in 20 years….

A lovely lady I know told me she quit worrying about keeping her house clean when someone asked her if she wanted “she had a clean house” on her grave stone.  That is certainly not what I want on my gravestone so why the hell am I letting perfectly good pancakes burn so that I can get a couple of dishes cleaned up?  Did I grow up and turn super silly girlfriends standards into my own?  Ack! No!   There is a certain level of clean that I am comfortable with…that makes me feel relaxed and happy to be doing other things.  Am I going to dust everyday just because someone else’s standard of clean says I should? Hell no!  So with that in mind I present to you

Rule #1

If you want me to do something (assuming I am willing) I will do it in my time, my way.  If you want something done your way at a specific time determined by you, do it yourself.  (I will negotiate if you are nice to me. ) (Rule 1a only adults my invoke Rule 1)

Right now it’s time for a glass of wine and a game of what color is this rock mom?  So much better than sweeping floors that will just need it again tomorrow.



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