Rationalizing Inconsistency

My baby is three and a picky picky picky eater.  I have mostly given up trying to please him.  I make food and give it to him.  Some times he eats it sometimes he doesn’t but I have to admit to inconsistency when it comes to….oh ok….everything.

One of the things that all the parenting “gurus” all seem to agree on is that to be a good parent you have to be consistent.  But I have to agree with Maude “Consistency is not really a human trait” Really what we are trying to do with our kids is teach them stuff right? And teaching stuff, at least to a certain extent is about repetition.  You do the same thing, the same way, over and over until they understand this is the way things are done.  But if you don’t throw some inconsistency in there now and then reality is gonna be a hell of a shock.  And that my friends is how I justify (rationalize) only following my own rules most of the time.  Which brings us to

Rule #2

My house is not a restaurant and I am not a waitress what I put on the table is what you get.

BUT!  My goofy three year old will refuse to eat what I give him and then we have to put up with screaming, fit throwing, hungry monster until bed time or the next meal,which ever comes first.  Sometimes I can put up with it….sometimes I can’t.  Sometimes I’m all full of tough love and make him sit at the table with us, with the plate of food he’s screaming he doesn’t want sitting in front of him, until we are all done eating then send him off to bed with a tummy surely grumbling for its next fill up.  Sometimes I just can’t listen to him one more minute and I leave my own meal to get cold while I find something food like to shut him the hell up.  Which brings us to Rule #3 which now that I’m thinking about it really should be #1

Rule #3

I reserve the right to change the rules without notice

One thing Picky baby (who is really not so much of a baby anymore) will always ask for and practically inhale huge batches of is pancakes.  So of course like with the muffins I try to put lots of good things in there in hopes of getting some real food in his greedy gut. My results are on again off again but today’s came out really good so I thought I would share.

Banana Yogurt Flaxseed Pancakes

1 egg,

3 tablespoons fat (melted butter, vegetable oil, avocado),

1/2 cup milk,

1/2 cup plain yogurt,

1 whole banana

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 tablespoons sweetness (sugar, honey, syrup)

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup flour

1/4 cup flaxseed meal

I put everything in the blender and give it a whirr.  I recommend cooking these at a somewhat lower temp than you normally would with pancakes…my first few were a bit crispy.


2 thoughts on “Rationalizing Inconsistency

  1. It isn’t cheap, BUT I’m having luck with whole wheat pastry flour. Maybe it can be reserved for Mr. Picky’s Pancake nights. Excellent rules!


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