The truth is…

The truth is…I feel so very uninspired. And I think that’s ok. For a while. I’ve been back to working a 40 hour week…yes there is still time to make things, less, but it’s there. When the time comes to make, I putter around and nothing really pops out. Nothing calls to me and says this little piece of of nothing could really be something! And so I wander off into the television timesuck or the facebook timesuck and I’m terrified that I’ll fall into a habit of not doing. So I am going to commit to two days a week (not going to stop myself from doing more if time allows). Even if what I make turns out to be boring crap.

Here’s a thought, I’ll pull out the old projects that never got finished and see where that takes me. Oh! Yes. Oh…this could be horrible! Ha Ha ha…..closet

Behold! The land where old projects go to hide.


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