Not There Yet

Ugh. I have an idea. It’s a germinating thought. But the words and pictures have yet to find the exit sign in my brain.

It’s all about celebrating the imperfection in the things I love to do. I spend a lot of time on the google thing finding ways to give life and form to the ideas floating around my head and it seems like everyone who posts or blogs tutorials, directions, instructions, recipes etc finds a way to make perfection look easy and ideal.
Here I am to say to you, imaginary reader, that perfection is not easy (duh) and as far as I’m concerned not even desirable.
Imperfections, peccadillos, quirks these are the things that make us and the things we do and make special.
So let’s see if I can make this thing worth anyone else’s time to read. A celebration of imperfection. An imperfectanalia!

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